Needs Analysis

Sometimes in your own business you can’t see the wood for the trees.


Needs analysis can be discussion with the leader, a manager; or someone who has a finger on the pulse of the business and knows the challenges. For a well-rounded perspective, an anonymous survey to employees/team members can unearth hidden challenges and information.

From the needs analysis a recommendation for the best course of action is provided.


In 10 years the 10 workshops that have been most frequently requested, are all around people stuff, unsurprisingly. Packed with a combination of knowledge, no nonsense fluff or filler; brought to life with experiential learning, practise of concepts, these two-four hour workshops pack a punch.

1) Emotional Intelligence (EI) 101

2-hour workshop

Suits everyone

Key learning:

1) How you show up in good & bad times

2) Understand your triggers, without judgement

3) Strategies to build emotional capacity

2) Emotional Intelligence for Leaders*

2-hour workshop

Suits people in leadership positions

Key learning:

1) How you affect the engagement of your people

2) Why having high EI = better performance

3) Strategies to build emotional capacity

*enhanced with Thomas TEIQue

3) Tackling Tough Conversations**

3-hour workshop

Suits everyone

Key learning:

1) Know what makes some conversations tough

2) A process for a better conversation

3) What to do if someone disagrees with you

** available in French

5) Conflict

Management *

3-hour workshop

Suits everyone

Key learning:

1) Five major causes of conflict

2) Typical styles of conflict management

3) Proven technique to resolve the conflict and move forward

** enhanced with Thomas PPA

4) Dealing with Difficult Situations

3-hour workshop

Suits people who are faced with difficult situations every day

Key learning:

1) Typical difficult situations in your work place

2) Likely reactions within the workplace

3) Overcome your pre-programming

6) Effective


3-hour workshop

Suits managers, team leads, people who work in teams

Key learning:

1) What types of feedback there are

2) The variables you can control

3) The key to having the best feedback conversations

7) Ignite

Your Influence

3-hour workshop

Suits the ambitious

Key learning:

1) Why you need influence to get ahead

2) Grow your personal and organisational influence

3) Create your own influence map

8) Email and Business Writing

3-hour workshop

Suits everyone who ever does any writing at any level

Key learning:

1) Psychology of email and how it affects us

2) Business writing basics and why they are still important

3) How to avoid credibility-robbing   errors

9) High Performing Teams 1

3-hour workshop

Suits team leads

Key learning:

1) Team strengths and challenges

2) Motivating your team members

3) How to build and grow trust within your team

10) High Performing Teams 2

3-hour workshop

Suits in-tact teams

Key learning:

1) 10 attributes of a HPT—where your team is on each of the 10

2) Build a better way to communication

3) Create a team charter


We can help you with your people needs analysis and from there, host a one-off    relevant workshop, or a series of workshops. Alternately, we can create an ongoing program of learning and development targeted to existing leaders, those new to management, your high-potentials; or people being promoted.

Ongoing programs include pre-work, homework, group work

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I'm a Mancunian (from Manchester England). I emigrated to Canada in 1997, and continued worked in the ad business. I became a VP in an advertising agency. I loved creating light-bulb moments for my client's customers. Several years later, I quit and started working with horses. This is when I learned humility, accountability, responsibility. I also started my next career as a trainer - and embarked on my own learning journey that I am still on. I love to create light bulb moments in the training room - the workshops are no fluff and filler, plenty of interactivity and discovery. I share successful and not so successful stories - with humour, always with humour. (Typically British!)

I'm also a certified trainer of Thomas International’s suite of psychometric assessments

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