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I'm a Mancunian (from Manchester England). I emigrated to Canada in 1997, and continued worked in the ad business. I became a VP in an advertising agency. I loved creating light-bulb moments for my client's customers. Several years later, I quit and started working with horses. This is when I learned humility, accountability, responsibility. I also started my next career as a trainer - and embarked on my own learning journey that I am still on. I love to create light bulb moments in the training room - the workshops are no fluff and filler, plenty of interactivity and discovery. I share successful and not so successful stories - with humour, always with humour. (Typically British!)

I'm also a certified trainer of Thomas International’s suite of psychometric assessments

Still love horses and I compete in Reining with Bob, and I am training Bentley. The top pic shows Bentley being curious; the second, Bob and me  having a chat.  

Amateur photographer, Instagram pics shown