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People Skills

Statistics from Harvard, Stanford, and Carnegie Foundation show that 85–87% of our success comes from soft skills (personal skills) and emotional intelligence, yet we only pay attention to them 10% of the time.


Most businesses have a ‘Bob’. That person who gets the job done, may have been with the company forever, yet has a gruff, rude, or surly attitude. Doesn’t play well with others. Any type of negative behaviour from any employee, regardless of title, that is allowed to continue, will disrupt the team, the department, the business. Let the behaviour continue with impunity and your business will suffer. There has to be a better way…


Be A Better You

Founded in 2010 with a light-bulb moment. 

It’s not facts or data that get us into trouble it’s how we connect and communicate with each other, and how we deal with our own emotions as well as the emotions of others.


The core of Be A Better You is about leading people towards self-awareness without judgment; so people can decide to do things differently in the future to get a better outcome for themselves, for others, and the business.



Psychometrics have two massive benefits:

1) for the individual: how does s/he show up for work behaviourally, emotionally, cognitively, does s/he have the potential for senior leadership, and the desire? Boosts self-awareness massively so an individual can decide where strengths are and focus on those and manage any career limiting challenges.

2) for your business: what competencies, behaviours, personality, cognitive agility does a particular role require and how will person one fit versus person two?

Be A Better You uses exclusively Thomas International

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