Making it stick

How often do you send people on training only for it to have zero effect afterwards? Of course, we can’t force people to make changes. But we can help stack the odds in your favour.


Be A Better You workshops are designed to help people connect the dots between the choices they make (the behaviours they choose) and the results they experience (the consequences). This creates awareness. Then we go a step further by encouraging Active Self-Awareness. This is when people use their awareness to activate the motivation to make positive changes.

People in woodsEvery workshop ends with asking people to identify the behavioural changes they need to make to change their consequences and improve their performance. And we ask for a commitment to make those changes.

We often recommend that “support and challenge” groups be formed (three people per group). Each person shares the commitments they have made during the workshop with their co-members. After the workshop, the role of the group members is to continue to support and challenge each other: be cheerleaders, give feedback, hold each other accountable and keep up with new habits.

If you want the learning to stick, contact us.