Use of Psychometrics in training & coaching

LightbulbPsychometrics provide the data for individuals to understand themselves more deeply, much faster; they also help people understand others. Psychometrics can give you insight into a person that normally you could only get by following him/her around for 6 months. And we think that’s illegal.


It’s the fastest way to help people understand themselves better in four core areas:

  1. Behaviour in the workplace: How your people would prefer to behave, how they are behaving and how they are likely to respond under pressure.
  2. Emotional Intelligence (EI): The key driver for self-awareness: higher levels of EI lead to better professionals and better leaders.
  3. Cognitive Ability: How quickly people learn new information and respond to changing job requirements.
  4. From the outside in: 360 provides others’ perspectives on inter-personal skills and performance

Workshops are enriched with the use of psychometric assessments.


Why Be A Better You?

Thousands of professionals undergo psychometric assessments for self-awareness yet don’t do anything with the knowledge other than use it as an excuse for continuing behavioural patterns that aren’t always positive.

In workshops, Be A Better You encourages Active Self-Awareness.  This helps people make the connection between the choices they make and the consequences they experience, and goes further than awareness alone by activating the motivation to make positive changes.

When people take accountability for their behaviour (the choices they make) and connect it to the results they experience (the consequences), magic happens. This is when people can commit to becoming the best professional version of themselves.

Find out how we can help make it happen.