High Self-Awareness leads to better team performance

SkydiversHarvard Business Review ran a simulation exercise with over 58 teams and 300 leaders. It proves that higher self-awareness affects decision-making, co-ordination, and conflict management.

The article states: “For teams to perform effectively, each member must possess a combination of technical and interpersonal skills (higher, or Active Self-Awareness) and constantly adjust their contributions to meet the team’s needs. Correctly understanding one’s capabilities relative to others is therefore paramount.”

 Ripple effect We’ve worked in many types of companies, in the UK and in Canada. Small business, big business, two-person shops. There is a common theme in every environment: people may be smart, technically savvy, sound with strategy and can nail a process to a tree. But ask them what makes them squirm in their job and 99 times out of 100, the response will be: dealing with the behaviour of other people.

Of course, we don’t ever think that WE can sometimes be that person with poor behaviour. It doesn’t occur to us that we’re someone else’s problematic person.

The starting point in learning how to manage our own behavioural output and influence that of others is self awareness. Contact Us Now.