Who we are

New MugshotSharon Jones, Principal

Extensive senior level commercial experience in advertising industry in UK and Canada. Expansive training experience, designing and delivering training workshops in Canada, US, UK, Dubai.

• Certified practitioner, analyst, and trainer in all Thomas assessments (PPA, GIA, TEIQue, 360)

• Certified True Colors facilitator

• Certified NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner

• Certified Level A and B (psychometric assessments) with British Psychological SocietyHorse

 All you need to know about Sharon: described in behavioural terms as assertive, passionate, direct, influential, engaging, persuasive, self-starter, alert, mobile, persistent, maverick. Likes to start things, gets bored quickly so things are always changing. Especially loves a good play on words and loves to laugh. Rather fond of quarter horses.


Nu2Nuala Donaghy, Coach

Broad senior level commercial experience in marketing & communications in various industries in UK and Canada. Extensive experience in psychotherapy and coaching in Canada.

• Certified Coach Practitioner

• Certified PPA Analyst, GIA Analyst. TEIQue Analyst

• Certified True Colors facilitatorNuala travel


All you need to know about Nuala: described in behavioural terms as incisive, good listener, thoughtful, diplomatic, quick witted, considerate. Likes to finish things and loves to find ingenious ways to solve problems. Secret passions for travelling and making cookies with grandson.

Great Ocean Road, Australia