What’s Active Self-Awareness got to do with it?

 traits edit “The Singular Secret For A Leader’s Success: Self-Awareness*”
According to a Forbes article (The Singular Secret For A Leader’s Success: Self-Awareness ), “The National Advisory Council of a prestigious west coast business school was asked what single quality they thought would be most valuable for their graduates to acquire as they graduated. The answer was “self-awareness.””


The article goes on to say that self-awareness in and of itself isn’t the keys to the kingdom, rather it’s the starting point from where every individual decides whether to go down the rabbit hole or return to Wonderland.

Be A Better You facilitates Active Self-Awareness – which is the connection between choices made and consequences experienced. It goes further than awareness alone by activating the motivation to make positive changes.

happy sad editWe encourage people to recognize their strengths and limitations; to self-identify the habitual behaviours they may be unaware of but ultimately lead to negative consequences. Then we support them with strategies and tools and facilitate their commitment to real and lasting change.

When people take accountability for their behaviour (the choices they make) and connect it to the results they experience (the consequences), magic happens. This is when people commit to becoming the best professional version of themselves.

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*The Singular Secret For A Leader’s Success: Self-Awareness – Forbes